Ukhrul is a town in Ukhrul district in the state of Manipur, India. It is the administrative headquarter of the Ukhrul district. There are also four Sub-Divisions in the district for administering the villages in and around it. The villages however are govern by the ‘Church’ and the ‘Village Heads’.


Ukhrul is located at 25.12°N 94.37°E. It has an average elevation of 1,662 m (5,453 ft). It has wet summer and cold and dry winter.
Ukhrul is dominated by the Tangkhul Nagas. They are very rich in culture.They have their own traditional dance known as ‘Pheichak’,which is known to have been invented by their forefathers.Woman wears a traditional sarong known as ‘Kashan’ and the men have their shawl known as ‘Howrah’.But with the approaching of the 21st century,the people are more westernize.
The common language is ‘Tangkhul’. However there are different kinds of dialect for every village.There are more than 70 dialects estimated be spoken in each and every village.
Ukhrul is part of Outer Manipur (Lok Sabha constituency).