Manipur is one of the eight north eastern states of India. Its boundary is surrounded by  Myanmar (Burma) in the east and  south, and Nagaland state in the north, Cachar (Assam state) in the west and Mizoram state in the south-west.  Manipur is a meeting point, epicenter, between South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent. The Manipur valley, in the middle of the state, is at a height of 790 meters above the sea level and is surrounded by nine hill ranges in circles creating a hill and trough geography. More than  60% of its inhabitants are Meiteis including Bamons and Pangans  who settled mostly in the valley and the remaining are  hill tribes, namely, Tangkhul, Thadou, Zeliangrong (Zemi, Laingmai, Roungmei – Kabuis), Mao, Maram, Poumai, Paite, Hmar, Maring, Anal, Aimol, Angami, Chiru, Chothe, Gangte, Monsang, Moyon, Kom, Purum, Ralte, Sema, Simte, Salte, Vaiphei, Lamgang, Zhou, etc.  Each group has its own language, tradition and culture.  Meitei-lon (Meitei language or Manipuri) is the common language  adopted by all tribes for communication.   Imphal is the  capital and a major trading centre. The present political system in the state includes nine districts with headquarters at Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal, Bishenpur (Valley Districts), Ukhrul, Senapati, Tamenglong, Chandel and Churachandpur (Hill Districts) bearing similar names for the districts as well.


Manipur has currently nine administrative districts.

District Area Population Headquarters
Bishnupur 496 208,368 Bishnupur
Churachandpur 4570 227,905 Churachandpur
Chandel 3313 118,327 Chandel
Imphal East 709 394,876 Imphal
Imphal West 519 444,382 Imphal
Senapati 3271 283,621 Senapati
Tamenglong 4391 111,499 Tamenglong
Thoubal 514 364,140 Thoubal
Ukhrul 4544 140,778 Ukhrul