I started this blog in Manipuri history so that I could know more of my birth place i.e Manipur. By starting this blog I could study all the ancient history of Manipur. Even all other people can get a chance to know more about this.

All the article in my blog are not mine. I have collected from different sources like e-pao.net…. and many others sites.

The articles regarding the “Illustrated Manuscripts of Manipur” is by Mutua Bahadur who has contributed to e-pao.net regularly.

I am really Thankful to peoples like Mutua Bahadur who has worked hard to keep our culture safe.

I was totally nil about Manipuri History before I started this blog. I guess that there are around 70% to 80% who doesn’t know about our rich culture just like me. The most important thing in order to keep our culture safe is to aware each and every peoples of Manipur or Meitei around the globe.

Anyway… I am not a good writer hope all the visitors or readers will surely appreciate my hardwork collecting all the informations. And lastly, please correct yourselves if i have made any grammatical mistakes.


Tony Maisnam